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Innovating Supply Chain Management with a Blockchain empowered currency!!

Ecosc Private Limited intends to use the Blockchain technology to digitize and revolutionize the oil and gas supply chain. With the application of distributed network, the Blockchain based supply chain will be self-sustainable. The company will primarily offering two services- First is for the investors, in which an oil vendor can swap the crude oil with Ecosc tokens and become an investor. Company process this crude oil in refinery, either fully owned or in partnership, and market the end products. The 10% profit so earned will be shared with the token holders. In addition, after six months, company will provide an option to buy back the tokens at the original price. Second is for the oil and gas vendors who needs a market place where they can trade globally and get paid through Blockchain based payment gateway.

ECOSC MVP is a global, decentralized Supply Chain Management solution which utilizes the latest innovative blockchain technology on top of blockchain; that aligns stakeholders, vendors and buyers around the strategic management of supply and demand outcomes, with a widely acceptable currency. To achieve this goal ECOSC has introduced two tokens on the Ethereum blockchain: ECOSCU(Utility Token) and the ECOSC (Security Token).

Boarding Process

Real time, fully complaint account opening system

Private/Business customer applies for an account (customer data)

Customer data is matched with 3rd part database (real time)

Biometric onboarding

Real time account opening

KYC/AML compliant for all Banking Services

Fully automated process

Virtually unlimited scalability

Very intuitive and user friendly UI/UX

unified user experience
vault Design

The Vault is very important piece in financial services security arsenal. Below is an illustration of the PCI DSS process,which we adhere to and comply with,we will submit to regular third party audits to keep up with the highest standards in banking security.

User experience

Dramaticaly reduce user friction and verification time while increasing conversation rates.

User experience

All data is transmitted and stored with strong AES 256 Bit encryption Jumio is PCI level 1 complaint.

How It Work

Simllarity Check:-

ID photo matches the user's selfie

Validity Check:-

The selfie is real:

  • Not cropped from ID
  • Not a photo of the ID
  • Not from screen, video, or paper
  • Not filter applied
  • Age-difference acceptable
  • Face is present and fully visible

Eyeball Tracking:-

Requires user to follow icon on mobile screen with their eyes as it moves in a random pattren

Video Customer Service :

With the advent of smartphones and good bandwidth internet, video becomes a must have tool in order to enhace customer service and loyalty, improve custome engagemet and retention and increase the net promoter score.